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I met a friend today.
The only constant in my life is that I exist. Existence is not defined by my body, accomplishments, or even thoughts. Those are all subject to change and atrophy. I exist as my minds seems devoid of thought, as I sleep, and perhaps even when I die.

Anonymous asked: hey, you're extremely beautiful

Thanks anon! :)


Crystal Palace, Madrid, Spain

Never in my life have I felt more alone.

I didn’t rush because I didn’t feel physically attractive enough to get into a sorority.

I absolutely hate being sick, but I’m so lucky to have the most understanding professors in the world.


AP physics with Mr. Aley.
"I’m a cynic. I don’t think ‘The glass is half empty’ or ‘The glass is half full,’ I think ‘Who drank my fucking water?’"
— Melequote of the day. (via mikaelwithak)

this cold is literally killing me wtf

100% bummed about not having anyone to snuggle with

I feel absolutely terrible right now. All I want is for someone to bring me something to eat.

The brand Free People is like naming Tiffany’s “Gravel.”